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Web Design Vernon BC - it's not Rocket Science

A business with a bad website,
makes as much sense as having
a phone-number but no phone...

Hello There...

It's not rocket science at this point, it's really just common knowledge, and I'm guessing that you're already well aware of that...

Thus you just typed it into Google and are busy researching it now...

So I won't waste any of your time trying to tell you why you need website, since I think we can both agree that having an online sales getting webpage working 24/7 around the clock and on autopilot bringing in visitors and new leads daily is a pretty good idea for just about any business... but, what I will do, is show you... is how to find the perfect website for your needs.

So whether you need:

  • A brand new website...
  • Your current website needs a serious makeover - because you're not getting the results that you know are there to be gotten.
  • You're sick and tired of not finding your website on the first page of Google and really need some help getting to those coveted top search engine spots so you can finally be found.
  • You need some clear expert internet-marketing guidance; like trying to understand all that Web 2.0 stuff... Facebook and social media for example. Don't worry you wouldn't be the first to misunderstand social media (most supposed 'social media experts' don't really understand it themselves).
  • Or maybe, and I've seen this way too many times around here to count, you've already put your faith in someone and they just didn't deliver on their promise... and now you're just not sure where to turn... or who to talk to...

Well I hear ya...

The internet can be a pretty scary and overwhelming place for those who don't have all that extra time to waste; testing, experimenting and keeping up with its ever expanding' secretive inner workings.

Not to mention its rapid and continuous growth, its ever changing landscape... and mindboggling marketing opportunities that seem to be there one day and are gone the next...

Twitter, Facebook, Digg, blogs, and so on... all sound cutting-edge; but are they really?

The entire thing can quickly overwhelm you to the point of throwing your hands in the air and shouting obscenities to the sky...

But rest assured... after you read through some of this web site and watching a couple of our short videos, much of your fear and uncertainty will be laid to rest... once and for all.

You see... I've been where you are too, many times actually. With literally hundreds of successful - and admittedly, some not so successful web sites behind me - I too remember those overwhelming feelings and have fell prey to their paralyzing effects.

But I dug deep back then... and soldiered on... and today, all this web site and internet marketing stuff comes pretty easy to me. So sit back and relax knowing that you never have to be alone again with the crippling overwhelm and frustration that comes hand-in-hand with internet marketing, social media, web design and all that crazy search engine stuff.

How can I be so confident you ask... because I've actually done it - many times actually!

I built my first web site way back in 1996, and I quickly earned my first dollar online soon thereafter too - that was luck. But... a couple of years later, in 1998, I started a company that did just shy of a million dollars in online sales in its first 3 years - and that wasn't just luck - I worked hard, spent tons of money and figured some pretty powerful things out.

I don't tell you all that to brag or boast, but rather, to let you know that there are people out there willing to help locally, people like me, people who have been there and beat the odds... but most importantly, people who have actually cracked the code and figured out how to cut through all that mumbo jumbo and blatant BS that's being peddled today as 'good website design' or 'effective Search Engine Optimization' when those doing the BS'ing should know better.

Web Design Vernon BC - Geek Liars

Be wary of misleading web site, seo
and social media salespeople

But you know what the really disturbing part is?

It's that much of the BS being peddled today is done by companies and individuals right here in our very own neighbourhood; no, I won't mention names just yet - but they do know who they are...

It just really gets under my skin that they offer ineffective and misleading advice just to put a few bucks in their own pocket... with little regard for their customer when they've never actually done it themselves. I guess I've just seen too many good friends, clients and family member swindled by advertisers, SEO sale people and ineffective web design companies' over the years and it just really burns my ___ (well, I'll let you choose an appropriate noun.)

But, I'll let you in on a little secret... it's because of all those BS'ing web design firms and so called SEO companies right here in our own neighbourhood that motivated me to make write this short note.


You see I've been working with several large international companies for the past few years and have witnessed some pretty incredible things; hundred-thousand dollar web sites, that amounted to nothing more than a hill of beans. I've seen $10,000 web sites that make millions... and $2000 dollar web sites directly responsible for $150,000+ a month in sales... and I've witnessed $1000 dollar websites bring in 100's of real leads every month... but the biggest idea that continually reaffirms itself... is that practically any website, designed the right way, with the right strategies and traffic getting systems in place can be a success... It's not how much they cost to produce, how fancy the design is, how many fancy flash Items they contain or how much they've spent "branding" themselves; It's the proven strategies and tactics governing them' that matters.

I'll put another way, because it's vitally important to understand; the secret to any successful web site is its master blueprint... its strategies and tactics and how they all work together to accomplish the desired outcomes.

Without the master blueprint containing these key elements:

  1. Strong Messaging System (Your Offer, your copy and your multimedia; images, audio and video)
  2. Tight Structure (coding, HTML Structure, Metadata) - these matter much more than you can imagine.
  3. Targeted Traffic (Social Media, Video, SEO, PPC) - all working together to bring you in a steady stream of customers.
  4. Great Tracking Systems - Onsite, Through Site and Offsite Analytics - so you always know what's going on, and where & what to adapt accordingly.

Without the master blueprint containing those key elements you just end up with another invisible web site lost in obscurity, just like the billions of other websites already out there that never get seen.

So to finally put an end to all the BS, bad & misleading advice that's going around. I'm going to do something I don't normally do, well not for free anyways...

I'm going to give the first 25 people a FREE consultation and professional website analysis - I usually charge $297 for this service but... if you're one of the first 25 people to visit the site... enter your contact info & web site URL (if you have one)... And I'll take a look and give you some of my best expert advice on how to get the most out of your current web site... and if you don't already have one, I'll show you the best ways to get started - it's far easier than you think when the right person is there to show you how.

A quick word of warning though: This is just a little marketing experiment of mine; if I get too overwhelmed or busy, I reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time.

O Yeah! One other thing... Many of the secret marketing and traffic strategies I use, especially my video's (or as I like to call them my Internet Commercials) go viral - that is... they get spread all over the Internet at incredible speeds by a bunch of different sites and people. So if you just landed here in search of a FREE consultation and web site analysis and it's already been taken down or had its original $297 price has been reinstated, then I do sincerely apologize.

So, if you're at all serious, I urge you to visit the contact us page right now. Enter your web site URL, Phone Number, Email Address & Name and if the free consolation and web site analysis is still available I'll let you know the results. (As of today, we still have a few spots open, so you're probably in luck.)

(Please Note: If you don't currently have a web site - or would rather just start over - let me know that on the contact us page too and if the offer is still in effect... we'll set up a free consultation.)

Until Next Time... May Success Be Yours!


Troy Laughren
WebSite Profit Engineer, Digital Authority